Our Unique Service Proposition

Our technology enabled solution assures guaranteed delivery timelines. In projects, where we have exclusive tie-ups, we sign Service Level Agreements to ensure we always meet our commitments.

We are at the forefront of technology and innovation. We are in advanced stages of discussion to pioneer commercial launch of electric trucks in India. Your organization can contribute significantly towards the country meeting its Paris Accord target by exclusively contracting Electric Trucks for your projects at a very slight premium to the diesel trucks. One diesel truck emits over 100 MT of CO2 - the entire such emission can be eliminated by electric trucks drawing power from renewable sources.

IPL is developing a proprietary solution to simplify the needs of all small and large infrastructure developers. The solution will aggregate all suppliers of material (mines/crushers) and transport operators (vehicles) under IPL umbrella. It would provide the developers a Mobile based App to book supply of material within “24 - 48 hour” window. The payment would be made to the crusher and transport operator only after the material is successfully received by the Client. The platform will underwrite payment risk for all parties, provide credit based on transaction history and shall enable transparent price discovery enabling the developers to pick best rate for the given quality of material of a specific type enabling “just-in-time” planning.